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I generally read all kinds of romance. Lately, urban fantasy, unusual PNR and post-apocalyptic themes have been interesting to me. Good historical romance is still on the menu. I favor smart, capable heroines paired with even smarter, more capable heroes.

[Reblog] GoodReads Policy Update

GR: Rage Rage Rage Delete Delete. Oh, sorry. Our bad.

Deadly Descent - Kaylea Cross

99 cents on Amazon at the moment. Deadly Descent is well reviewed so I picked it up at the reduced price. 

This Side of Paradise
This Side of Paradise
Windsor Smith
Windsor Smith
Dallas based interior designer Laurie S. Woods in Greenwich, CT.
Dallas based interior designer Laurie S. Woods in Greenwich, CT.

Link to Karlynp's excellent post about BookLikes and STGRB

Check out the comments section. BookLikes CEO David Piaskowski weighs in.  Woot!

Mea Culpa

It has to be said that, although I thought my imported reviews were "screwed up" (my words), it turns out they were in pretty good shape. My impression was due to covers importing incorrectly in some instances. Although that was a BL tech issue, once I learned how to change a cover to the correct book, and became a little more familiar with navigation here, the big picture was pretty good. 


Now, if I could just get my head back into the reading game....

Moving right along

Sometime in the past two days my shelves got imported. Excellent. I wasn't expecting the import to be this drawn out. Even thought it wasn't ideal, I was willing to re-do them here and now here they are without new work. If you're still in process and worried that your data won't be complete, take heart. 


Also, I'm  really liking the blogging aspect of BL. I'm seeing many interesting posts and getting the hang of the site. This could really work out. Again, excellent.


Edit: By the way, my apologies to BL for my impatience. The heat of the moment did a number on my patience.  

Peter S. Balsam Associates, New York.
Peter S. Balsam Associates, New York.

A test on a photo post here on BL. 

Edit: That was easy. Yay.

Imported Reviews seem to be completely screwed up

Overnight, my reviews were imported. That part of my import was delayed and I had thought it wasn't going to happen. So, I guess they may have shown up on friends' dashboards. Sorry about that because, even in their correct GR form, they were not ready for dashboard treatment. And the imported versions are completely screwed up, with mismatched book covers, the wrong amount of stars and who knows what else. Argh. : (


I guess I'll have to go through and fix each one. 

Getting started slowly...

Quick note to any GR 'refugees' who might happen by. Like many of you, I'm just getting started and learning to navigate here. Please bear with me. Hopefully, it will be this cozy soon. 


Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost 4.5 stars. Excellent addition to this offshoot series. (Of course, now I'm bummed that I've finished it. )
Not Quite a Husband - Sherry Thomas 4+ star read. Beautiful and unusual writing/story. Very emotional (bordering on over-the-top but I still strongly recommend reading it).
Slightly Married - Mary Balogh Arghh. This couple tortured each other to the Very Last Minute. Not sure quite that much obtuseness was necessary but I still really liked the book.

Wrong Ways Down (Downside Ghosts)

Wrong Ways Down (Downside Ghosts) - Stacia Kane I'm confused. Is this out? Can't find it at Amazon. Does anyone have the details?

August 24th: Well, it's (been) out and I read it and I'm sad that it's over. Good stuff.
Trials of Artemis (The Haberdashers, #1) - Sue London Starts out really slow and with protagonists that are very unlikeable. Some interesting concepts are introduced toward the middle of the book but they are not fleshed out thoroughly or in a way that is enjoyable to read.