Iced - Karen Marie Moning Iced takes us back to post-apocalyptic, Fever world Dublin. It's interesting and there is enjoyable new action in that setting. But, for me, there is no getting around the icky feeling of the 'romance' of this book. Fact is, there is a lot of romantic development in the story and it involves adult men lusting after a 14 year old. Yes, she's mostly oblivious to it but they are still panting after her and trying to segregate her from others until she's older. There's a lot of 'mine' here, directed at a just-turned-teenage girl. Gross. Then there's the fact that you have to like a very young teen protagonist and appreciate some TSTL action dressed up as innocent pre-adult curiosity.

If you're invested in the Fever series you'll want to read this. But, no matter how Moning and fans twist to try to make the 1/2 YA (1/2 pervy adult) aspect okay... for me, it wasn't.