Judgment (Judgment, #1) - Denise  Hall This is another case of an excellent book for a particular genre not getting deserving attention (at least as far as reviews go...for all I know it's a best seller). I feel compelled to write a review because the story did not leave my head for a few days after I finished it. Judgment is dark erotica and the theme is domination and submission with a fairly violent spanking bent. Don't get it 'twisted' though, we're not talking about sweet over-the-knee erotic spankings. The action is somewhat extreme but without permanent injury. There's a bondage emphasis as well.

Judgment is a non-consensual capture story about the dominant Mountain Lord and the young woman/captive he takes a particular interest in... whom he names Mischief. The Mountain Lord, Daymon Tane, is a slaver and Mischief is originally abducted with other women. The setting is then the mountain fortress where Tane and his cohorts train submissives for sale. I'm not interested in multiple captive stories unless it is personal and important between a particular couple, which is how things develop here. It is definitely a story about Tane and Mischief and, even though I know it's wrong, I like them together. The secondary characters (mostly the other dominants/masters) and the world building make the story very interesting as well and help to move the action along. And there's also the aspect of Mischief, who has become the perfect submissive object, interacting with the outside world. Note that I do mean dependent, not-a-normal-person, object.

Three other things to say. Judgment is written in first person, which I normally shy way away from, but I sort of forgot about it as I was reading here. Also, if you liked stories like Kitty Thomas' Comfort Food, Stephanie Snow's Demon's Captive or Remittance Girl's Gaijin (all of which I recommend), you will probably like this. Finally, it turns out this book existed in another incarnation...as Judgement (notice the now absent E). From what I can tell, this was with a former publisher, BUT, if you search Amazon for that spelling, you can read a few other positive reviews.

OK, I said my peace. I hope you enjoy this if you decide to read it!