Blue-Eyed Devil - Lisa Kleypas I did not want to finish this book but I kept going because my fellow romance readers were so positive about it. Regarding Blue Eyed Devil, however, we're going to have to agree to disagree. This heroine was completely unlikable to me. I cannot accept that a girl who comes of age anywhere near the turn of the twenty first century, is college educated and has billionaire family members who love her would not do anything to save herself from an abusive marriage. She has a very long time to consider the escalating situation and she does absolutely nothing. Even at the climactic point when she knows the husband is going to go off the deep end, she doesn't attempt to leave the apartment. After she eventually escapes that situation, she allows herself to be abused by her jealous new boss...and it's her brother's company with the boss in a job she turned down. I couldn't like a woman with absolutely no spark of self preservation. Even a dog knows to get out of the rain. There is also a rather small amount of romance in this book. We know very little about the Hero's perspective. In my opinion, Kleypas has, for once, gone way wrong.