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Petra X (Original Post Link): UPDATE on How to stop Google Analytics from tracking you on Booklikes


I've just found out some information -


If you go to one of the sites on BookLikes that has installed Google Analytics AND an IP tracker device/code, you will tell the person who you are (your BookLikes name), what site you just came from (this might be where you work, so they will know that too), how often you visit their site, who your isp is, what your ip address is and where you live.


I really haven't come to BookLikes to find out that blogs I visit to read reviews are going to know all that about me.


I have Disconnect to block known trackers, but there are many ip address devices and it probably won't block them all.


I would like to know Dawid's policy on his members tracking others of us to this degree?  If he is fine with it, then let him install BookLikes own so that we can all track each other. Perhaps I am so paranoid because of my previous stalking experience and I don't live in a big city, but perhaps I just like to protect what little privacy I have left on the internet.