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I generally read all kinds of romance. Lately, urban fantasy, unusual PNR and post-apocalyptic themes have been interesting to me. Good historical romance is still on the menu. I favor smart, capable heroines paired with even smarter, more capable heroes.

Free Right Now

Desire by Blood - Melissa Schroeder

Good reviews and free on Amazon.  

Designer James F. Carter in Southern Accents.
Designer James F. Carter in Southern Accents.
A library/home office on Lake Toxaway, NC. Designer Kathryn Long.
A library/home office on Lake Toxaway, NC. Designer Kathryn Long.

Something cozy today. 

Andrea Anson’s Manhattan townhouse. Architectural Digest.
Andrea Anson’s Manhattan townhouse. Architectural Digest.

Not a library, per se, but still a good room for books. 

[Reblog-Please see the discussion on the original post. All Hail Grimlock link at bottom of post.] So... should I look into if this is legally actionable?

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This book is clearly put up to intimidate me, and no, actually, there have been no surprise repercussions from my drunken reviews.  Whether or not I choose to continue them depends on how long I want my reviews to be, and how much I like the alcohol I have on hand.   


I'm not an alcoholic, as I haven't had a drink in weeks, nor have I had any withdrawal symptoms, nor the urge to drink.   If you mean a stalker in that I don't have any of your Facebook pictures, don't use them to libel you on the internet, don't give a shit about where you guys work or your personal life, then yeah, I guess I'm way more of a stalker than you guys are.   Except, you know, that not being the definition of a stalker.   I find out about a lot of the behavior that I oppose of from my friends.   


So let's be clear - I'm not jealous of your insecurity, your inability to take criticism, your inability to step back and take a look at your work in a reasonable manner, your childish and unprofessional behavior, your inability to see that me saying that something is grammatically incorrect is not the same as calling someone fugly, a loser, tranny manface, hairy manface, or any of the other names you've slung at me.   I'm not jealous of the fact that I'm not reduced to mocking your personal appearance.  I'm not jealous of the fact that your websites comments show that the people you hang around with hate people with disabilities, women, different ethnicities, and any other number of groups that are different than yourselves.   I'm not jealous of your inability to tell what's literate and what's not.


I've shared my original work, I've shared my art, I've shared my fanfiction, all of which I know you've seen.   You've done your best to tear me down, but I'm proud of my work, I've got my kinks and I'm not allowing you to shame me for them.   I'm still here, talking about my robot fetish, my non-con kink so long as it's fictional, I'm still in the studio all the time, working on my art.   I still have my same Facebook picture up because I don't care that you think I look manly, ugly, fugly, or any of the other names you care to throw at me.    I'm still here, guys.   I'm not intimidated.   I'm sharing your work.   And yeah, I do think it's kind of funny, but not for the same reasons you do.   And yeah, that cover is shit - the composition is lousy, the font is awful, you got my last name wrong, you got my middle initial wrong, and you couldn't even photoshop in some crazy eyes?   


The first sentence in that description should be two, too, if anyone's interested.   I'm also thinking about seeking legal advice to see if I should start to look into the people writing this book stalking and harassing and libeling me.   At the very least, I'd like to see this get some attention, be reblogged, or passed around, because clearly I am supposed to be ashamed of my looks - still not, guys - or scared into silence - not this either - and I think passing this around is the best way to prove that I'm neither ashamed nor scared.   I'd also love it if someone could suggest more shitty books that I can get for free, or if you have them and have been burned by them, and they're lendable on Kindle, would anyone mind sending me them?   I'm going to be doing more reviews of shitty self-published books, just because I can't seem to find anything that bad in traditionally published books.   


In conclusion, the more you try to intimidate me, the more I flaunt my right to say true things about shitty grammar.   Free speech and all.   


You don't have to pay attention to anything below - that's for me.  



Maddie on Things
Maddie on Things

I heard that book's a real dog. ;-)


10 Famous Authors Who Remind Us That Great Writers Can Also Be Decent Human Beings

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Ruthie Sommers in Lonny magazine.
Ruthie Sommers in Lonny magazine.

Free right now

Light of Kaska - Michelle O'Leary

Thought I'd post this because I had it on my wishlist and stumbled across the Kindle promotion. 





Harvard Sq. residence, Boston. PLATEMARK Design.
Harvard Sq. residence, Boston. PLATEMARK Design.

Free book that I'd recommend

Sacred Secrets (Chronicles of Surrender, Book One) - Roxy Harte

I read Sacred Secrets a while ago and, at the moment, I can't remember many details. However, I do remember it being a pretty good BDSM story and that I went on to read the next two books in the series. I noticed that it is currently free on Amazon. Sooo, since free books are plentiful but free books that I can recommend are not, I thought I'd give this one a thumbs up. 

Free read (a la Lora Leigh's Breeds)

Untamed Hunger (Alpha Colony) - Aubrey Ross

Untamed Hunger was a quick read, very much in the 'tradition' ;-) of  Laura Leigh's Breeds series and Laurann Dohner's New Species series. The story is not quite as developed as the books I remember from those series, though.  And like those two series, the writing is explicit. I must admit, I skipped over some of the sex scenes. It's still free on Amazon. 

 Margaret Donaldson Interiors, Charleston.
Margaret Donaldson Interiors, Charleston.

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Petra X (Original Post Link): UPDATE on How to stop Google Analytics from tracking you on Booklikes


I've just found out some information -


If you go to one of the sites on BookLikes that has installed Google Analytics AND an IP tracker device/code, you will tell the person who you are (your BookLikes name), what site you just came from (this might be where you work, so they will know that too), how often you visit their site, who your isp is, what your ip address is and where you live.


I really haven't come to BookLikes to find out that blogs I visit to read reviews are going to know all that about me.


I have Disconnect to block known trackers, but there are many ip address devices and it probably won't block them all.


I would like to know Dawid's policy on his members tracking others of us to this degree?  If he is fine with it, then let him install BookLikes own so that we can all track each other. Perhaps I am so paranoid because of my previous stalking experience and I don't live in a big city, but perhaps I just like to protect what little privacy I have left on the internet.